Doula Services

Initial consultations are provided free of charge.  I attend births in all settings including, hospital, birth center, or home.

All packages include the following elements:
Prenatal visits

We will go over relaxation techniques, your birth plan, hopes, fears, and any questions you may have. We will practice comfort positions and help prepare you for labor.

Call/Text/Email Support

Unlimited amount of contact in the way that is most supportive to you. Providing emotional support and answering your questions with research and evidence-based information.

Attend your labor and birth

I will join you at any stage of labor that you feel my support is needed and continue my care up to 2 hours after birth. You are never on a timer and will not be charged extra for a long labor.   I bring with me my doula bag of tricks full of comfort measures including aromatherapy, hot/cold compress, rebozo, and more.  I support all birthing choices and there is never judgment for use of epidural or anything else.  It’s your birth and my job is to support your choices.

Backup Provided

I always have a backup doula in the event of an emergency. You have the option of meeting with my backup prior to the birth.

Postpartum visits

I will visit twice after your birth either at home, hospital, or both. During these visits, I will provide emotional support, information on newborn care and feeding and discuss your birth experience.  Additional postpartum hours can be purchased.

Add-on Services

Birth Preparation Session $60 (in person or via Skype)

For those who choose to birth without a doula but would like extra guidance in creating a birth plan, for the hospital, home, or birth center.  Get to know your options and learn useful comfort measures. This session lasts 1 hour, and all aspects of a typical birth are covered. If after this session you choose to hire me for doula services, all fees will be applied directly to my birth package fee.

Additional prenatal or postpartum visits $25/hr

Sometimes you need a little extra care.  Optional visits are available as an add-on to your birth package. Postpartum packages can be purchased separately for non-birth doula clients.

Rebozo Sessions $50

I provide Rebozo free of charge to all my doula clients and incorporate it into our visits and birth as needed or desired.  This technique uses a traditional Mexican rebozo. This ancient practice has helped pregnancy, birth and postpartum for generations.  Providing support and relaxation to ligaments, improving comfort in the pregnant person.  This encourages optimal positions for the baby and can be ideal for preventative care to back labor, transverse, or breech positions.

Closing of The Bones Ceremony $100

“Closing of the bones” is a traditional ceremony, commonly performed in Mexican/Latin American midwifery. This postpartum healing ceremony, which was created to nurture the parent after their passage through giving birth, and the journey into parenthood. It is a celebration, a setting of sacred space, and a way to nurture.


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