Partners and Doulas

Myth Busters (Doula Edition)

Myth #1 Doulas aren’t needed if you have a supportive partner

Your partner connects with you in a deeply emotional way that the doula would never try to replace. That connection can also be tied with emotions of fear and a feeling of wanting to rescue you. Not only do doulas understand the strength you possess to endure labor but they also have the tools to allow you to fully embrace it.  Your doula can provide care from an empathetic place, but also one that is grounded.  The doula is educated in each stage of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and can help you and your partner navigate through this new experience.   Doulas also can run errands that medical staff is too busy to do.  Anything from getting snacks to re-parking a car, or giving an update to the family. They do all this while supporting your partner and helping them feel confident and calm as well.

Myth #2 The doula will “take over” and disrupt the intimate experience of birth.

Doulas can be very active and engaged during labor but it is always while following your lead and allowing space for your partner to be as involved as they would like to be.  We also are more than happy to leave the room and give private time for you and your partner and even help others recognize that a secluded space is needed.

Myth #3 The doula has their own agenda about childbirth and imposes their beliefs on the family.

Doulas are trained to understand all options in birth.  Medicated, unmedicated, vaginal, cesarean, surrogacy, adoption and more.  They have no agenda except to fully support the choices of the family that they are working for and help find information on birth options when it is requested.

I always encourage partners to be part of our prenatal meetings so I can answer their questions, show them comfort techniques and help create a deeper understanding of the birth process.  I would love to schedule a complimentary meet and greet with you and your partner.

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