Women of Color Scholarship

It has been a vision of mine to help more women of color not only have wonderful births, but also HEALTHY pregnancies, births, and babies. Statistically, African American women living in the USA are not receiving the care that they deserve.

In the United States, African American women are four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related cause than white women. The also have the highest rates of premature births. African American infants are 2.4 times more likely as white infants to die in their first year of life.

When I learned about this statistic a couple years ago it broke my heart and I knew I wanted to personally do something to make it better. I am just one doula, but as a doula trainer I can help bring many more doulas into the communities that need them most.

I have partnered with The Grand Challenge to offer a scholarship at each of my trainings. My workshops are normally $450 but the scholarship recipient will attend at a cost of $55.

I ask that only people who plan on actively attending births and those who would not be able to attend the workshop otherwise apply.  We receive many applications and each one is carefully considered by a panel.  They look for passion for birth work, ability to serve the community and past actions of community support.

Please fill out the application form below.

Information on Workshop dates and locations can be found here.

Deadlines to Apply are 6 weeks before each training. 

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