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30I am certified as a birth doula and a professional birth doula trainer with Birth Arts International.  I uphold their standards of practice.  I have been serving the Eugene, Oregon area as a doula for many years and co-founded Blissful Beginnings, a doula agency matching Lane County families to doulas and professional services.   In late 2017, I  relocated with my family from the mossy forest of Oregon to the warm and sunny landscape of South Florida.  I opened Nurtured Village, to provide holistic, doula care to the families of Broward County, FL.

My passion for birth began with my own experiences and grew from a love of helping others.  It brings me joy to help growing families bring new life into the world. When a birthing person can get in touch with their intuition and understand their options it’s such a powerful experience.  As my time serving families continued I also had lots of aspiring doulas contact me for mentorship and support. Sharing the knowledge that I have gained and being able to watch these doulas grow into incredible support people has been an honor.

I have been thrilled to have the opportunity to become a trainer for Birth Arts International. This organization is where I began as a doula and it upholds values that I feel very passionate about. One of my favorite things is that the trainers and the students all keep in connection with each other after the weekend to support each other. I get so excited being able to see how everyone’s journey is going and cheer them along their way.  Being able to travel to places that are in need of more doulas and train birth and postpartum doulas to serve their communities has brought me so much joy. I love knowing that when I leave an area, I am leaving behind capable and caring people who are going to make a huge difference in improving birth outcomes.

I am constantly seeking knowledge that will benefit my clients and students and continue to stay up to date with the latest research in birth and postpartum practices.

When I am not at a birth or traveling to teach I enjoy walking in the sunshine, practicing yoga, or heading to the beach with my husband and two children.

Training and Education

  • Birth Arts International – Certified Doula and Trainer
  • Spinning Babies Workshop -Gail Tully
  • WellMama Volunteer Training (Perinatal Mood Disorders)
  • Queer Birth Project LGBTQ Positive Birth & Postpartum Doula Training
  • Cultural Competency Training– Shafia Monroe Consulting  (Working with Diverse Populations in Maternal and Child Health.)
  • Inducing Lactation – Hope Lien (Jumpstart to Breastfeeding in Adoption, Surrogacy and Foster Care.)
  •  Group and Individual Crisis Intervention – UMBC
  • CranioSacral 1 & 2– Upledger Institute
  • Reiki 1 (Reiki 2 will be completed in May 2018)
  • Rebozo – Angelina Martinez Miranda (Traditional Mexican Midwife)
  • Midwifery Today Conference 2017 (Carol Gray, Elizabeth Davis, Penny Simpkin, etc)
  • Midwifery Today Conference 2013 (Michel Odent, Carol Gautchi, Sister MorningStar, Gail Hart, etc)
  • Midwifery Today Conference 2009 (Vicki Penwell, Elizabeth Davis, Angelina Martinez Miranda, etc)

These classes have taught me so much, but I feel that the families I serve teach me the most.  Each birth is unique and comes with new understanding.   As doulas, we never stop learning.


  • Maui Mama, Issue 44, September – October Issue 2016 Five Ways Doulas Improve Birth.
  • Midwifery Today, Issue 107, Autumn 2013 The Mythical Expiration Date.
  • Midwifery Today, Issue 104, Winter 2012 Supporting Empowered Births.

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